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It’s a buzz word in any interview, right? The famous “what is your culture like?” Some interviewers love this question, it allows them to talk about their office culture and how amazing it is! For other interviewers, it’s the one question they stumble through in order to avoid the question in the back of their head, “what culture?” Let’s keep it simple. Here are three things you can do today to make an immediate impact and begin building the culture in your office and immediately start building community.

  1. Make This Your Standard: No Egos Allowed Hire people for a reason and purpose. The individuals you choose to have on your team were hand-selected with intention and with a specific skillset. The best way to make someone feel appreciated is to be open to their opinions and feedback. When there are no egos in the room, everyone wins.
  2. Feedback: Positive and Negative It’s a standard we have in our office; before giving feedback, make sure the person who would be receiving the feedback is open to it. So, ask, “Are you open to feedback?” You will be surprised at how far your feedback goes when it’s approached in the right way. Secondly, give credit where credit is due. Remember, no one has an ego here, and culture thrives on feedback given the right way.
  3. Have Fun Let’s preface this, productivity and results are extremely important in any business. Without it, the business will fail. However, don’t be afraid to laugh with your team. Take the extra few minutes to ask about their day, weekend plans, something they’re passionate about. Get the team together just for fun. Don’t be surprised when you see productivity increase when you add fun into the day.

Start to build community —one that supports, encourages and challenges the individuals in your organization. This is a starting point to building the culture in your office but taking three small steps will leave a lasting impact on the big picture.

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