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Run your business and get more done with the best-in-class, fully comprehensive payroll and human resource software solution from RPM Payroll. With RPM as your partner, total, streamlined payroll management is just a few easy clicks away. And with the fully integrated RPM solution, you can further streamline your business administrative tasks with complete confidence and accuracy. RPM provides user-friendly and flexible solutions; including integration with retirement plans, an employee handbook wizard, a mobile app for employees to track their own time, and much more. 

Payroll & Taxes

  • Seamless automation of payroll fulfillment. 
  • Process accurate payroll in minutes—from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Exact benefit deductions and tax withholdings. 
  • Check signing and stuffing, full-service direct deposit and Wisely cards.
  • Wage garnishment processing.
  • Additional off-cycle, vendor and contractor payments. 
  • Reporting and remittals for federal, state and local payroll taxes. 
  • General ledger interface .
  • Standard and custom reporting with online access.
  • W2 and 1099 tax filings. 

HR Tools

  • Minimize time spent on employee-related paperwork and compliance responsibilities.
  • HR business advisors help address employee management challenges and offer best practices on compliance with employment and HR rules.
  • Resources and wizards to help you create and update your employee handbook and job descriptions.
  • Poster compliance services.
  • Lose the spreadsheets with RPM tools that improve employee engagement, performance and productivity.

Workers Comp & Disability

  • Manage your cash flow more efficiently by integrating your Workers Comp Premium Payments with payroll.
  • Eliminate upfront premium deposits and have more accurate premium calculations. 
  • Simplified workers comp premium administration minimizing audit complexity.

Time & Attendance

  • Nearly ⅔ of organizations cite the use of workforce data to help with scheduling, improving employee engagement and solving strategic business issues.
  • Mobile application that allows employees to punch in and submit time cards from their phones.
  • Reduce labor costs, improve pay accuracy, increase work productivity, and manage wage and hour compliance.
  • Flexible time collection options and integrated mobile technology to make it easy for employees to enter their hours.


  • Access to trusted providers of health insurance plans, including vision and dental. 
  • Customizable 401(k) and IRA savings account offerings. 
  • Easy enrollment and editing features for all employee benefits.


  • Offering a retirement plan can increase talent retention and improve employee workplace satisfaction. 
  • Automate contributions and money movement and simplify retirement administration paperwork, while providing a benefit that can help you attract and retain skilled workers. 
  • Flexible investment platforms that support both the fiduciaries and plan participants, and meet compliance requirements.

Tax Credit Services

  • R&D Tax Credit – Government funded monies for qualifying activities and expenditures, coupled with supporting documentation that help reduce a company’s income tax liabilities.
  • ERC (Employee Retention Credit) – A refundable tax credit against certain employment taxes of qualified wages within a certain period of time.
  • Grant Funding – Federal & State monies in the form of non-repayable grants and interest-free loans to support American businesses.

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