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When individual team members go above and beyond to help their team surpass daily objectives, it fosters an environment that increases creativity, production, and overall collaboration. Everyone has each other’s best interests in mind and promotes teamwork in the office. 

We‘d like to share a story from our call center that clearly depicts the power of a collaborative teamwork that encourages the success of one another while always building each other up.

My call center team and I laid out our plan for the day early in the morning as we always do. The plan was to schedule at least one appointment and then move on to a group brainstorming session regarding some marketing ideas we felt could be beneficial to the company.  

As the day went on, both of my coworkers were able to book appointments before lunch and continued to book a couple after lunch as well. Despite hammering the phones on my own end, I was not able to achieve the same result and I found myself sitting at my desk at 3:30 p.m. without an appointment. At this point, not only did I lose morale, but I knew that I was unable to be at my full capacity for the marketing brainstorming meeting because I did not have an appointment.   

Not hitting a personal goal can push your entire day back and that’s what was happening to me. I could not focus on our marketing brainstorming meeting. My mind was focused on why I failed to schedule an appointment. This would have ruined my day had it not been for my coworkers.

They recognized that I would not have been able to move on to my next task with my full attention until I was able to schedule an appointment. By the time 3:45 came, my two coworkers had changed their plans and were both on their computers digging through warm leads of their own to help me set my appointment. They recognized we were stronger as a team than when simply working as individuals.

One of my coworkers leads paid off, I had an appointment before 4:00 p.m. because of the selfless actions they displayed. Not only did they save my morale for the day, but we were able to generate eight solid marketing plans for our respective companies during our marketing meeting that took place after I made my appointment.  

I feel it is important to remember that more can be gained with a wider perspective on an idea: 1) the idea can be built further based on everyone’s input 2) the idea can be broken down until it is not valuable or useful at the time 3) the idea can trigger the creation of a completely different idea.

Had my coworkers moved on to the brainstorming meeting without me, they would have completely lost out on my perspective of an idea that was mentioned at the time—hindering everything that our meeting could have been. Had my co-workers not taken the time to help me, I would not be able to provide input at the level that was expected during the meeting. Because they helped me book an appointment, we had deeper discussions about our ideas on the marketing side of things, added one more appointment on the board for the company, and the overall morale of the team was increased.

Teamwork is about looking out for one another, working off each other’s strengths. When one or more individual takes the time to lift another team member up, the entire team wins. This story proves that together, teamwork in the office carried out a win.

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