Proactive vs. Reactive HR Practices

Human resources departments serve a vital strategic role in today’s organizations. But when it comes to managing people, there are two fundamental approaches – proactive practices that anticipate issues versus reactive practices that respond to situations after they occur. Knowing when to use each is the key to effective HR management.

Most HR experts recommend a balanced approach – utilizing proactive practices to build an engaged, talented workforce, while still being reactive as needed to address spikes in turnover, sudden changes, or complaints. Providing managers and employees with responsive HR support, while also forecasting needs and heading off issues, creates an agile organization.  READ MORE

2/19- Presidents’ Day

3/10- Daylight Savings

3/17- St. Patrick’s Day

4/15- Tax Day

Marketing on a Budget: Maximize Your Reach

As a small or medium-sized business, your marketing budget may be limited, but it’s critical to maximize your marketing return by extending your reach as much as possible. With strategic planning and the use of free or low-cost tools, you can develop and execute marketing campaigns that drive results without breaking the bank.

This article will touch on options that may help you and your business spread brand awareness. READ MORE

NY Law Limits Access to
Employees’ Social Media

Effective March 12, 2024, NYS employers will be banned from requesting or requiring employees or applicants to disclose usernames, passwords, or other means for accessing a personal account or to access their personal accounts in the employer’s presence. The new law also prohibits employers from discharging, disciplining, or failing to hire individuals who refuse to provide such access. READ MORE

Under Pressure: How to Reduce Time Anxiety

Time anxiety is increasingly common in many work environments. The constant pressure to accomplish more in less time can lead to feelings of stress, worry, and being overwhelmed. This article provides insights into time anxiety while offering different strategies to help your team overcome this challenge. Creating a calm and productive work environment can empower employees to thrive and perform at their best. READ MORE