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Every organization has a hiring process, some effective, some not.

I’d like to clear the air by saying that every interview process will look slightly different. Why? Because every interviewer has a different personality and interview style. And guess what? That’s OK! Crafting the interview process takes work and planning.

Having different perspectives, different personalities, and different interview strengths is exactly what your team wants! One person may have picked up on something the other did not.

Consistency, however, will make your interview process effective. All interviewers should have an agenda based on your process. That person should stick to the process, especially if you carefully take the time to craft the process and the “why” behind each question and each interview.

Three things to keep in mind when crafting your interview questions:

Understand the big picture and direction the company is heading

This will help when you have a few great candidates in the pipeline. Always having a “grounding” place to come back to is helpful when making decisions and asking yourself the right questions.

Understand the skill set you are seeking for the specific role you are hiring for
Some candidates may knock your socks off in the interview, but they may not have the right skills you are looking at for that role. There is nothing wrong with keeping this person in mind for the future and potentially finding a place for them in a different role in the future. Also keep in mind that you set out for a specific role and skillset, don’t lose sight of this during the interview process.

Know what you want to learn from the candidate
Every role you are hiring for requires a certain skill level, skillset, and personality. Making the team aware of these qualities while crafting the interview process will provide clarity when entering the decision-making phase.

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