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The most successful leaders can ease the concerns of everyone while creating an environment of excellence, even when productivity may not be top of mind. 

During times of uncertainty, people need stability. Leaders need to give off the impression that they know exactly what to do, even when they don’t know. 

To help you be the rock every organization needs, especially in uncertain times, here are the 5 C’s to implement with your team. 


Individuals on your team may have a number of things running through their heads when adversity hits home. Everyone is worried about the different challenges they may be facing. Maintain a calm demeanor, even under the most extreme difficulties. Create a positive work environment that allows your team to relax and focus. 



Many things can get lost in translation, especially if your team is working remotely. Overcommunicate to your team so everyone understands what their tasks are. Having a consistent medium for communication is imperative for collaboration.  



Don’t make everything about work. During difficult times, you never know what someone is going through unless you ask. Take the time to show real interest in the people on your team and make sure they are in a good place mentally. 



Schedule daily coaching sessions with your team members, go through their plan and offer feedback. Make their personal development your number one priority. 



Once you have your team members confident in your plan, continue to develop them by challenging them to get better every day. Communicating with your team daily will help you establish smart goals that will ultimately make them more effective, ultimately increasing productivity. 

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